Snow showers tomorrow, within top of the Perogie Belt?? On October 22??? That is what they are saying, but I am highly skeptical. I believe it is a conspiracy, perpetrated through the bread and milk lobby.

Large Bread, especially, can't be reliable, and also have their evil tentacles wriggling in places they don't belong. They are precariously effective, and able to developing a BME (bread &lifier milk emergency), when needed.

However I think they are overplaying their hands this time around, by beginning their manipulations so at the start of the growing season. In my opinion they have designed a tactical error, and therefore are vulnerable to subjecting their true intents. I have experienced my fingers entered the United states citizens will ultimately open their eyes towards the truth!

When the media were not so in-the-tank, they may question the presidential candidates relating to this disturbing situation, and supply everyone using the information we want. But, obviously, not really a word is ever stated about this. And it is all so foreseeable…

We have to break our reliance on out-of-condition bread, crush the Udder Cartel, and apply diplomatic pressure towards the hard-charging cookie/cracker union, before situation compounds itself.

Alas, I see pointless for optimism.

On 'life was imple' I'd 975 junk e-mail messages within my Surf Report email box. A " new world " record!

I am very rectal about cleaning junk e-mail, and remove it roughly twenty occasions each day. So, everything crapola stacked-up Friday evening/'life was imple'. And That I did not perform a detailed analysis, however i believe the term "girth" made an appearance in many of them.

So you realize…

And talking about rectal (heh), I am at the time of the effective seventies Elton John jag. ralph lauren vest I have been playing Tumbleweed Connection, Madman Over the Water, and Honky Chateau, as though they are a food source and oxygen.

Also, I purchased remastered versions of Captain Fantastic and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, from my buddies at yourmusic. So when the postman did not deliver them today, me sank. I had been one dejected husky-guy, in cheeseburger sleeping pants.

I am beginning to obtain worried. Will somebody please hold me?

And also, since we are speaking about music, the Suggestaholic made another yesterday. When you get the possibility, you can examine out that movie, 'cause it is good. And also the autobiography?? Better still. Dat's right.

And guess what happens‘s really beginning to piss me off?? Kid Rock, and the retard-o-rama song that's performed every 20 minutes around the radio. You realize, the main one where he digs in the graves of rock ‘n' roll royalty, and it has his way using the remains?

I can not go any longer. I did not accept is as true possible, however that turd is approaching "We Built This City"-level suction.

And I did previously like Kid Rock, I truly did. ralph lauren big pony polo shirts Demon With no Cause is amusing, rockin', and fun. What went down?? Where made it happen all fail?!? That guy is at risk of vanishing up their own exit ramp.

Once I bought the Substitutes reissues from Amazon . com lately, they sent us a note saying they would give a year to my Moving Stone subscription (to exhibit their appreciation). Everyone keeps attempting to add many years to my subscription!? I believe I am now locked-into that magazine through 2047, also it require me to pay, like, seven dollars.

I just read articles lately nevertheless Moving Stone hasn't had as numerous customers because they do at this time. Within an industry that's in danger, they are in some way thriving.

Yeah, question why?? Whenever you provide the shit away…

And I am likely to close out this rather abbreviated update having a couple products in the Stealing Clive Bull's Subjects desk: ralph lauren messenger bag

Should you could wave a miracle wand and alter ONE factor with regards to you, an actual attribute, what will it be?? The apparent answer for males was banned by Clive, so let us use his rules here, OK?

I can not really develop anything, except stuff that may be remedied with exercise along with a cutting-back of Funyuns. I haven't got a large old Streisand nose, or anything like this…? How about you?

Also, what's your earliest memory?? I recall being outdoors a condominium on 15th Street in Dunbar, where our fambly resided after i was 3 years old. A neighbor girl, putting on an outfit, was flowing Coke around the pavement, along with a lady told us to work out already.

So, I had been three, I suppose. Are you able to trump three?? Inform us about this within the comments.

And I have to start working. Sweet sainted mother of Bobby Buntrock!

I'll help you men tomorrow.


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